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Welcome Spring! We are in the very beginning stages of developing  Cumberland Wilderness. For those of you that don't know, it will be a Biblical Worldview Retreat. We do not have a lodge or cabins yet but you are welcome to camp or visit for the day. Our facilities have electricity and we are working to add water/bathroom facilities:) We are excited about what God is doing and want to share it with our friends and family. Our current "base camp facility" will sleep 16. This project will certainly need the Christian body to make it work. It is overwhelming and humbling that God would provide this opportunity. This is something Keith and I have always wanted to do but thought it would come much later. It never crossed our mind that God would provide 3600 acres with several lakes and waterfalls. I certainly do not feel equiped but I know God will provide as He has already. He takes a little vessel like me with a little Faith to show what He can do! I have been learning a lot through this process. I am learning to simplify and prioritize. Many people are hurting, sick and families falling apart. I truly believe a lot of it has to do with our pace and the unrealistic expectations of our culture. That seems to be the missing link. There is a lot to be said for going back to the basics and learning how to live wisely on this side of Heaven. This is not our home!



Cumberland Wilderness grew from a desire to Reveal Truth, Empower Families, and equip individuals so they may Discover Purpose, all for the glory of God.





According to Barna Research Group, only 9% of all Americans and only 18% of born again adults posses a Christian Worldview. As a result, believers are walking away from the Church every day. Biblical Worldview instruction provides relevant and logical representation of Truth. As biblical Truth anchors an individual’s worldview, it empowers them to live a life full of joy and satisfaction.





God established the family as a powerful foundation from which to build His Church and spread His Great Name among the nations. However, today, one in every two Christian marriages crumble. Lives are destroyed and Christian culture is losing its influence in the public square. Our interest in the family is aimed at the restoration of a biblically driven culture that serves as light in a darkening world.





Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life has sold over 30 million copies. Human beings crave purpose. St. Augustine, crying out to God, asserted that his heart was “restless until it rest in you”. Biblical Truth claims that every beating heart has been created for significance according to God’s purpose. Yet so few people are living out God’s calling in a significant way.  At Cumberland Wilderness Retreat, one of our passions is to help people discover and live out God’s calling in their lives.



Marsha Thompson

Cumberland Wilderness Retreat

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