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(for the Glory of God)

From Chattanooga/Atlanta 

1. Take I75 N to Chattanooga

2.  Take I24 to Nashville

3.  Exit 127 Pelham/Winchester (you can use GPS after you exit but keep an eye on these directions, this address will get you to the gate: 2400 Deer Run Rd Altamont, Tn)

4.  Turn Right headed east toward TN 41S -1.2 miles

5. At flashing light in Pelham, turn left and drive into Hillsboro 

6. At the light in Hillsboro (traffic light, sign on opposite corner that says “Bain’s Orchard”), turn right onto Hwy 127 toward Viola - 6.9 miles

7. Turn right toward Altamont (there will be a sign). Estes Lane will be on your right just before the turn to Altamont. This turn is just over a hill and is easy to miss. You will then travel 1.7 miles to stop sign

8. At stop sign, turn right and travel 5.7 miles up the mountain. This stop sign is a 3 –way (you will dead end into Hwy 108 but it is not marked).

9. Turn right onto Cabbage Patch road toward Skymont Boy Scout Camp. Just before the turn, you will see signs for Lusk Motor Sports and Skymont Scout Reservation. You will stay on this road about 5.7 miles

10. At 5.7 miles on Cabbage Patch (it actually turns into Deer Run Road just before our gate), the road turns 90 degrees left but you should see our yellow gate at the back of the turn (you will know you are getting close when you pass the mailbox with a 2213 address). Go straight to enter our yellow gate (GATE 1).

11. Follow the signs to camp. After you pass through gate 1, you will drive 0.2 miles and then turn right and go through GATE 2 (another yellow gate). Then travel about 1.1 miles along a gravel road (the grass airstrip will be to your right). You will turn left at the orchard (surrounded by electric fence in a pasture to your left) just past the pine trees. 

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