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Fundraising and Future Plans 


We have been able to fund and complete many projects at CWR up until this point. We have 15 modular trailers on the main campus. They will need to be totally renovated so we will be able to provide a gathering space, lodging, food service and restrooms. 

We have water and hot outdoor showers. We were recently able to build a pavilion named after our brother-in-law, Andy. He had a huge impact on the development of CWR. "Andy's Point" is located on the end of the peninsula and is a great spot for gatherings and games. 


Our next step is getting electricity out on the property. 

The estimated cost for power at this location is around $200,000.   

Our vision for CWR also includes: 

  • Creation of a playfield and challenge course

  • Development of the waterfront and common outdoor areas

  • Staff residence and maintenance facilities

  • Seven single family cabins with enough beds for a total of 70 people 

These structures would provide use of the main peninsula area, thus, creating the community and heart of the Cumberland Wilderness Retreat.

We will have to do fundraising to gather the financial means to move to the next step. If you would be interested in partnering with us, please contact us, or click the donate button below.  You can also check out our Shop page where you can purchase a copy of Marsha's book "Uncomfortable Grace". She shares her personal story and God's amazing work in her life. Chapter Four- Truth-Family-Purpose explains the details of how CWR came into being.  

Prayers and donations are appreciated!

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Artist rendering of future cabins and main campus concept map. 


* Tax Deductible - 501(c)(3) *

"The Lord had his hands in delivering this amazing property in the right hands to the Thompson’s. They were looking for a small place to have an escape for family worship while enjoying His creation. God had a bigger plan. Cumberland Wilderness is Amazing. Lakes and trails and waterfalls; camping, fishing, hiking, repelling and more.

If Cumberland has been a part of your life at some point, I challenge you to help see the next obstacle cleared. Once the power is brought to the top of the mountain, then base camp and cabins and more can begin to be built. If you have a chunk of money you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use for the Lord’s work, consider this. If you are like me, and don’t have a huge donation but can afford a little each month, anything will help. I donated $83/mo for the next two years. That’s $2k. That’s one meal per month sacrifice to help realize the dream of having an incredible place to facilitate group and family ministries for churches, schools, and communities. If 99 more people make this commitment, power can be delivered.

If you’ve never been to Cumberland, don’t know the story, or want to see the property, contact the Thompson’s or even better, come to family camp this year to see what it’s all about and you too will feel compelled to help see it through!" - Chris Goodwin


Andy's Point

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