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Keith and Marsha Thompson


Hi- my name is Keith Thompson and I am the Director at Cumberland Wilderness Retreat.  Cumberland Wilderness is a work of passion and calling that God placed in my heart almost 20 years ago as a lay pastor in my local church.  God’s call eventually led me to join with Africa Inland Mission working among a group of students in East Africa as an evangelism and discipleship pastor.  While there, I interacted with believers and unbelievers from all over the world.  


Over the last 20 years I have felt a consistent and growing call to provide resources for Christian families. It is only through healthy families, who live out God’s calling in their lives, that God will fulfill his promise to reach every tribe and nation-first locally, then globally. 


The call of Cumberland Wilderness Retreat is an invitation for God’s people to take a break from the unhealthy pace of contemporary culture.   It is a call to a place of hope where the Spirit of the living God can reveal to us His Truth, empower our families and help us live out our Divine calling for His Glory in these incredible times. Our longing is for every Christian to experience the fullness available in His great grace - in our churches, in our homes and in our personal lives.


My name is Marsha Thompson. Keith and I both moved to Rome, Georgia, where we met through the singles group at The Church at Northside.  We married in the fall of 2000. We now have three wonderful teenagers- Caleb, Eli, and Sydney.  With the experiences we have had within our own family, we have seen first-hand how important it is for families to be stronger in their faith now more than ever. Our culture and what is going on in our world can make us feel weary and confused.  That is why it is so important to get away and connect to the only One who is the Ultimate Truth. We all need time to refocus and be reminded of God's Truth and purpose for our ives.  Nothing helps us more than slowing down and being in God's beautiful creation.  This is our hope for you and your time at Cumberland Wilderness Retreat.  


The kids helping Keith prune the orchard 

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