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We believe in Truth, Family, and Purpose. CWR exists to 1) help the Body of Christ make every life choice based on a God-centered view of the world, 2) advance the Gospel of Christ in the world through strong Christian families, and 3) ensure that Christian individuals and families are in a position to live out their calling and vocation for God’s glory. We do this by focusing on three core values: Truth, Family, and Purpose. We believe this will create a culture within the Church that resembles a Biblical picture of Christian community.


TRUTH- A Biblical Worldview 

There is only one Author, and one story, and we only have one purpose. In today's society, the culture that God established to bless the nation has become diluted and confused. Until all individuals who call themselves Christians truly see the world the way God sees it, the Church will not make a difference in the world to which it has been called. This is why we, at CWR, feel that God has called us to put together a place that will make a significant contribution toward the restoration of the Biblical Culture of the Church.  Cumberland Wilderness Retreat is a ministry with a commitment to teaching a Biblical Worldview.  This is the first step in putting believers in a position where they will not be taken captive by the hollow and deceptive philosophies of this world.  

According to Barna Research Group, only 9% of all Americans and only 18% of born again adults possess a Christian Worldview. As a result, believers are walking away from the Church every day. Biblical Worldview instruction provides a relevant and logical representation of Truth. As Biblical Truth anchors an individual’s worldview, it empowers them to live a life full of joy and satisfaction.   

FAMILY- Body of Christ 

The family is the basic unit of the Body of Christ. God established the family as a powerful foundation from which to build His Church and spread His Great Name among the nations. However, the family is under attack from the enemy of our souls. Today, one in every two Christian marriages crumble. Lives are destroyed and Christian culture is losing its influence in the public square.  Our curriculum provides support to all families. We minister to families who are thriving and longing for a getaway from the chaos of secular society, to those who are on the verge of collapse.

The focus at Cumberland Wilderness Retreat on family is the restoration of Biblical culture that serves as a light on a hill in a darkening world. Biblical  Truth applied to the Christian family reveals purpose and creates a Christ-honoring, God-glorifying culture. 


PURPOSE- Individual Calling

We wholeheartedly believe in helping individual Christians find their place in the work that God is doing in the world for two reasons.  First, the God of the universe has gifted every believer to serve Him, and participate in the redemption of mankind locally and globally. Secondly, until believers find the purpose for which God created them, we will find ourselves longing for something more.  We are ultimately satisfied when we are maximizing our gifts to His eternal service. 

Every beating heart has been created for significance according to God’s purpose, yet so few people are living out God’s calling in a significant way.  At Cumberland Wilderness Retreat, one of our passions is to help individuals and groups discover and live out God’s calling in their lives. Cumberland Wilderness Retreat intentionally focuses on helping believers find and engage in their supernatural calling and purposes for a fulfilled life and a positive eternal impact.

As a result of God's people operating with supernatural purpose, empowered by healthy families, and informed with eternal Truth, we can join God's work and make significant positive impact for the Kingdom. 

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