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This a must-read story of healing and restoration for anyone facing grief or loss, menopause or hormonal issues, ADHD, substance misuse, depression, or conflict in relationships. Marsha is a teacher and a facilitator who enjoys helping others use their God-given gifts. She enjoys spending time at Cumberland Wilderness Retreat, crafting, and visiting with family and friends. She has overcome tragedy, sickness, depression, and addiction, and hopes to use her story to open readers’ hearts to the Lord. She believes that having a Biblical worldview is the key to living abundantly on this side of heaven. Marsha lives in Rome, Georgia, with her husband, Keith, and their three teenage children.

Uncomfortable Grace


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    Few among us exercise as a matter of course, the courage of going toward the matters of our heart in a thorough sort of way. Rather, it often takes us landing in a state of being “on the brink of utter ruin,” as presented in Proverbs 5, before we pause to pay attention to our heart. Marsha has done a rare thing, contrary to what is a more natural response, by being willing to share those parts of herself and her journey that we typically work to hide in an effort to protect ourselves. Uncomfortable Grace is not just a meaningful and thoughtful reflection of God’s goodness in the midst of Marsha’s frailty. It’s an example of what happens when we allow our heavenly Father’s healing hand to minister to our frailty and an invitation for you to examine your own heart. Not only is this book worth reading. It is a book that may possibly inspire and invite you into the dark places of your own life. After all, it is indeed uncomfortable that our sin is ever before us, and yet, it is in this place where we most readily find His grace. 


    Nathan Phillips, CEO, Battlefield Ministries, Inc.

    Rome, Georgia, August 2020

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